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And The Winner Is Always The Team…

The structure of a team is like a skeleton. That being said, the size of the team and the role each person plays must be in harmony with each other. The quantity, in the context of a team, does play an essential role in boosting the performance. As many studies confirm, the magic number for the most effective teams varies and falling anywhere between four to nine. Our “two pizza team” is the ideal combination of skilled professionals and young, motivated enthusiasts. The fact that what we do is good and we are on the right path, was recognized few times also in our small country.

Our approach
TOP 10 companies in region

Since 2015, the economic magazine Hospodárske noviny (HN Club) has been awarding the best medium and small enterprises in each region of Slovakia in the ranking of the TOP 10 companies in the region. The target of the ranking is to reward the healthiest companies in categories according to annual turnover.

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