We Are Samtech

We are a team of tech enthusiasts that love helping others accomplish more through the use of technology


Samtech is a developer-owned and run, software engineering firm with 12 full-time engineers located in Slovakia. We have spent the last 20 years building great software for our clients and partners and working with the latest technologies. We love building software and bringing it to market. Samtech's software development team is comprised of experts who understand, integrate and bring to life agile, scalable technology and business solutions for big companies.

The Samtech Story

Great companies are born from dreams and strength of will. The story of a company is made up of men, ideas, challenges and progress.

From the beginning, our mission has always been to use technology to help people accomplish more. With Samtech, it’s never just about the project at hand. It’s about long-term partnership, about building trust and enabling customers long-term story success.

At Samtech, we believe there’s always better way to do customer service. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help companies achieve it. We focus on building solutions for our clients to be more prepared for their day-to-day challenges. If we can get the world to associate the brands we partner with to the absolute best customer service, then we can change the way the world interacts.

Our teams, strengths and values

We are a company made up of caring friends who are as passionate about technology as we are about people. At Samtech, our people are our most valuable natural resource. Our culture, created by our values and a collaborative mindset is what empowers our people to help shape the future of our company. As a new member of our team, we will welcome you into our team – valuing your fresh ideas, your new solutions and different perspectives.

Our Culture

We have a unique set of principles that align us and guide the decisions we make at Samtech. Our seven principles embody who we are as a company. They help us make the right decisions quickly and move as one company towards achieving a common goal.

Taking responsibility. We all do what it takes to ensure a successful outcome. We honor commitments to ourselves, our workers and our customers.

Career Development. We believe in the partnership between the staff member and their manager to plan a career path, and for the manager to remove obstacles and apply resources to empower the individual to build their skill sets and abilities so that they achieve their career objectives.

We are one company. We have many talented people providing a diverse set of services. Our customers view us as one company, as they should. We must also view ourselves as one company. We must work as a team and require that all staff be able and willing to do so.

People need to know. Our workers, partners and customers need to know where, what, how, and when… and need it on a regular basis. They need status updates proactively. They should not have to ask for them.

Innovate. We each apply extraordinary efforts and have a responsibility to uncover and execute on opportunities for improvement. We all encourage the individuals to be dynamic and come up with innovative ideas that can move us further.

Family comes first. All family obligations can be met. We work together to help fellow member of a team with their work obligations in order to free them up to ensure they meet their family obligations.

Respect. Without dedicated employees, a company is nothing. Respecting all employees means respecting their individual human rights and privacy, eliminating all kinds and forms of discrimination, whether based on religion, belief, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or physical disability.

Top talent
Top talent


We provide development teams to help other people and companies complete their software projects. Our team is always ready to accept new chalenges in projects we are working on.

Resource pool


Samtech benefits from the steady flow of technically skilled workers from our university. Zilina is a great place to grow our business in this meaning.

Value for price


Our experience and size makes us a perfect choice as a long term developping and supporting partner for a company’s project, small to large, always as cost effective and reputable partner.