What We Do

Making Technologies Easier and Potential Possible

You Request. We Answer.

Technology is ever changing and with good concept of strategy, you can build your enterprise systems that will always support new growth. Whether you’re looking for a new vision, end-to-end enterprise solutions starting from projects to delivery, systems integration or augmentation of your existing development team, SAMTECH will help you to fit your needs. With our professional team we know how to deliver technology that solves modern business demands and meet customer expectations. From a Proof of Concept to a full production implementation, we can help you unlock the power of the data and business in your enterprise.

Enterprise Application Development

Applications today are more connected and distributed than ever. It's not uncommon to have a handful of external connections per application in order to swap data or stay in sync with other systems around the globe. Samtech mission is making it easy to connect together the applications, data, and devices. Integration is at the heart of digital transformation, and Samtech is enabling enterprises across every industry all over the world to be more productive and achieve their business outcomes.

Software as a Service (SaaS) And Microservices

Applications today are more connected and distributed than ever. Nowadays the volume of data exchanged between the systems and need of staying in sync with other systems around the globe is more and more critical. Deep knowledge of most robust application servers and technology allow us to help our clients in planning, developing, and implementing distributed solutions securely and seamlessly. We also bundle best in class testing to speed up and improve quality of both design and delivery.

Web Design And Development

The website is window to your business. Your website connects you to prospects and customers like nothing else can. Show them who you are and what you can do. Our development team can help our clients with almost every type of requirement. Solutions based on responsive web design can deliver front end on any device.

Strategic Resourcing

Sometimes you want specific skillsets you don’t possess in-house; or you have to deliver on-time and on-budget a mission-critical short or long-term project. If you’re looking to achieve faster development and speed-to-market, improved quality of development projects, and avoid costs associated with internal training and skill development, Samtech’s Strategic Resourcing will answer your call and exceed expectations.

Big Data Solutions

Today's businesses generate massive amounts of data, from internal and external sources. Our big data solutions help organizations to capitalize on their own data, by providing insights to improve their business operations, workflows and planning to perform better in the future. Our big data services include both consulting and implementation support to enhance customer intelligence, product and process innovation, risk detection and efficiency and productivity improvements.

Legacy System Modernization

Many large enterprises struggling with situations of finding way how to sunset old legacy system and replace it with latest technology. Old mainframes don’t play well with new systems and are a huge drag on new development. Other aspect is maintenance cost. Legacy systems are in general too expensive to maintain. When it comes to modernization, time is truly of the essence: The pool of developers who can support your legacy system grows smaller each day, while speed-to-market becomes increasingly critical. To keep up with competitors and market, you need to move faster on product and feature releases. But legacy systems keep your teams bound to workflows that hinder your business agility.