Legacy System Modernization

Transforming Yesterday's Systems into Tomorrow's Innovations
Strategic Legacy System Modernization: Accelerating Transformation in Cloud, SaaS, and Finance & Insurance

Enterprises navigating the complexities of Legacy System Modernization face multifaceted challenges, particularly in sectors demanding agility and innovation. At Samtech, we present a strategic approach, exemplified in the transition from PL/I under z/OS UNIX to Java 17 or 21 with Spring Boot, seamlessly integrating solutions tailored for Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), and the dynamic Finance & Insurance sector.

Cloud-Ready Architecture: Embracing Scalability and Accessibility

Transitioning from traditional mainframes to cloud-ready architectures is pivotal for modern enterprises. Our modernization strategy ensures compatibility with cloud environments, offering scalability, accessibility, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs. This shift unlocks the potential for on-demand resource utilization, paving the way for a dynamic and cost-efficient IT infrastructure.

SaaS Integration: Empowering Collaborative Workflows

Software as a Service (SaaS) is at the forefront of modern business ecosystems. Our modernization approach extends beyond code transformation, integrating SaaS solutions seamlessly. This empowers enterprises to embrace collaborative workflows, leverage shared resources, and enhance efficiency. The integration of SaaS components ensures that the modernized system aligns with contemporary software delivery models.

Finance & Insurance Focus: Compliance, Security, and Innovation

The Finance & Insurance sector demands a unique set of considerations, balancing compliance, security, and the imperative for innovation. Our modernization strategy prioritizes these sector-specific requirements, ensuring that the transformed system complies with regulatory standards, enhances data security, and provides a foundation for innovation in financial and insurance workflows.

Cloud-Native Technologies: Leveraging Microservices and Containers

Modernizing for the cloud entails embracing cloud-native technologies. Our approach incorporates microservices architecture and containerization, leveraging tools like Docker and Kubernetes. This not only enhances the scalability and resilience of the system but also facilitates efficient deployment, making it well-suited for cloud environments.

Data Management in Finance & Insurance: Enhanced Security and Compliance

In the Finance & Insurance sector, data management is paramount. Our modernization strategy includes robust data security measures and compliance frameworks, ensuring that sensitive financial and insurance data is handled with the utmost care. This approach aligns with industry standards and addresses the unique challenges of data governance in the sector.

Established in 1992, Samtech provides business and IT consulting, cloud services, and software solutions. By streamlining business practices and utilizing technology to automate processes, Samtech helps businesses become more efficient so they can focus on doing what they do best!

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